Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change Was A Necessity: Welcome to the Superlative 6

    This summer, after I was hired as an ELA/Science teacher for 6th grade, I began a quest for new ideas of what may work in the ELA classroom.  I have a full 90 minute block, which has pros and cons.  On the plus side (and there are many more pluses), we have a solid span of time, students are focused, we are after lunch so students have been fed, and I only have 22 students.  On the con side, it's after lunch and it's for 90 minutes.  My goals evolved into these questions, "How do I break up 90 minutes?" and "How do I differentiate and measure progress?" 
   Enter the CAFE books by "The Sisters."  I loved the idea of having a Daily 5/Centers.  The issue became that I really felt this was meant for younger grades with shorter attention spans and different needs.  I needed a longer chunk of time per center (I settled on 20).  I needed to only do 1-2 centers per day (so that I could leave time for other ELA instruction).  I couldn't do 5 per day.  I needed a change.  It was necessary.
    So while I am planning on implementing this on Monday for the very first time (eeeeek!)  I *think* I have changed and modified my schedule to fit my needs.  I will post it shortly.  Oh, and why "Superlative 6" you ask?  Well, "superlative" and "buoyancy" were my two favorite words I picked up in late elementary school and have never let go of.  Come on...who doesn't love "SUPERLATIVE!?"

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