Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calling all ((middle school)) + other teachers!

Hey All!
   This post has nothing to do with any of my test prep ideas (those are coming tomorrow), or school, or ELA, or my job or anything.  It has to do with what Crystal over at Kreative in Kinder has started.  As you may (or may not) know, several schools in the Kentucky/Indiana region were impacted in March by tornadoes.  She started a Google Doc of four schools that were in need...letters of encouragement, tangible donations, electronic donations...etc. I am amazed by the outpouring of support---but primarily in the lower elementary grades.  The middle school especially in Salyersville has almost no donations.  I signed up my kiddos under the 6th grade at one of the elementary schools and for the 3 science classes.  I have a few tangible donations I am going to send but was waiting to see where items were needed since they were pretty generic school supplies.  I waited.  It's been 6 days and it is still so bare bones for the middle school.  They are in need too!  I would pretty please urge all of us middle level teachers to make a donation---a simple gift or spare school supplies...even used items from our storage.  As Crystal put it, imagine all the money we have invested in our classrooms...not just physical materials but also all of the time and home-made items.  PLEASE visit the Google Docs and consider signing up.

If you think about it, the post office sells those flat rate boxes for pretty cheap.  I will probably fill a medium box for around $10 or one of the packing envelopes for around $5.  Please please please think of donating just a little something.

If you want to get your class involved, here is a great YouTube video (OK so how did teachers teach before YouTube?)  I showed my students this today before they took their quick quiz on latitude/longitude.  After the quiz they made cards.  I'll post pictures Monday!

Anyway, consider doing some spring cleaning and helping out fellow teachers! We have to stick together!  Thank you thank you all in advance!

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Melissa said...

LOVE this! I'm going to show the YouTube vid to my kiddos!