Saturday, March 24, 2012

Test Prep #2--Centers!

So I set up 8 centers for my students to rotate between.  Naturally, we ran out of time so I will need to find a way to get back on schedule.  The reason why I did 8 is is that for certain times/days during ELA there are 3 teachers.  That leaves only 5 stations where students are independent.  Which is what I usually have during "The Superlative Six."  Plus, with 8 rotations I can have SUPER SMALL 3 kids, which is beyond awesome.  That way I know they are engaged and involved.

On to the stations...

1.) Listening  I totally forgot to take a picture of that one. Anyway, the state releases the listening passages (except last year's because now it's Top-Secret) along with the questions.  I had students take turns reading the passage out loud.  Meanwhile, they took turns recording the GAP notes on the white board.  They then answered the three short answer questions.

2.) Context Clues (with teacher)

Students went and worked on finding the meaning of words based on context clues.  By putting the sheets in laminated protectors, it gave me the chance to reuse without making a million worksheets.  Since they were working with a teacher, she could check them as they went.

3.) Review of Practice Test
yes! That top one does say just "minus one"!!!
Anyway, here students were grouped based on the questions missed to go over and review what they got incorrect.  They worked with our AIS Reading teacher so this was structured and guided!

4.) CandyVocab

You can find out how I repurposed CandyLand here.  Anyway, I used this vocab practice cards which were pretty challenging for my kiddos as the questions.  Does anyone else use this brand of cards?  It was still tricky for some of them!

5.) Mimio Game Using the Mimio (basically a device that makes your white board a SMART Board, I found a review game for Main Idea on Quia.  The kids, naturally, LOVE this station.

6.) Would You Rather...?
This is how I ended up using the "Would You Rather?" cards.  I wanted kids to work on orally restating the question, providing and answer, evidence, and then summing it all up again.  I used the poster behind it for students to guide them at first and then eventually removed it.  Kids picked a card and then decided on what they would "rather" do.

7.) Author's Purpose/Too-To-Two Folder Games   These are two games I found in blog-land.  I made them and set them up for the kids to play as review.

8.) Ants in the Pants Comprehension I made this little center:
What does it do?  You might ask....well...
My kiddos have a short reading passage and four questions.  They work independently to answer the questions.  When they go over it, they can earn one "ant" for each correct answer.  Then they can play the game by trying to flick the ants into the plastic pants.  Total hit. :)

So in short, that's how I made Test Prep Centers!  We will be doing several more of these rotations in the coming 2 weeks before Spring Break and ultimately, The Test.

Happy Weekend!


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