Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I Left...

So, I have not even been on vacation for two weeks and I am already thinking constantly, non-stop,


about my room for next year.  It's the first time that I haven't had to spend my summer looking for a job too so it's been pretty crazy.  Anyway, we aren't even allowed to get our keys back for a week or so, and I am already scheduled to go to Curriculum Development (paid!!) on the 18th so that will be my first day back at school and seeing what has been done to my classroom since I've been gone.  Does anyone else have to completely strip down their room or is it just me?  I feel like going crazy...this is what I left on the last day:

(I only have 3 pictures, sorry!)
View at my desk, totally stripped down.  I left the hanging map/shower curtain because
I was totally not scaling the wall in 95 degree heat...hopefully that's okay.  Next year I am
going to put a blue shower curtain behind it for water, don't know why I didn't think of that sooner.
I covered all of my bulletin boards to prevent fading of the blue material I used this year (and will use next year).  In
front of the desk are all of my "comfy chairs" and tons of boxes just outside the frame.

View of the room from the door.  Bookshelves empty (everything's stacked in boxes
in front of them), board covered.  Also some of my desks already pushed out into the hall.
Empty walls.  I did put in a request for those chalkboards to come down.  I didn't use them
ONCE this past year.  I think having them down would make the room seem less "old."

I took this picture because no, that's not a glare behind the bookcase.
I decided to move furniture and get stuff out of my room to make it more open.
I didn't have time last year between the date I was hired and the day I had 22 6th graders, so things
pretty much stayed where they were.  I went to move things in June and they were literally WAXED
TO THE FLOOR and they were never painted behind.  LOL.  No lie.  Anyway, we will have to see how
this works out!

So the only things not really pictured is the front of the room which has two giant white boards and two spaces on either side that are technically old chalkboards but I cover as a bulletin board.  I also have a "nook" as you enter the room because I have the storage closet off my room.  My wonderful boyfriend will be converting that to a mini computer lab for my kiddos in August.  Anyway, does anyone have any wonderful ideas?  I have some crafty projects as a work in progress which I will post when complete.  My color scheme is still blues/greens/black.  (p.s. I am also painting the bookshelves so they are 100% black.  Issue last year was that I had ZERO bookshelves and had my dad make me some quick...but the paint wasn't drying very quickly so I had to leave the shelves plain wood!)

I also want to give a
to both my new and old followers.  I jumped for joy when I found out that I had a few new followers this week.  So super sweet.  I would love love LOVE to get to 100 during the fall months! :-)

Until then, have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow!

Much love from NY


Meagan England said...

My school is so awesome about working in your room during the summer. We have no move all our stuff to side for our janitors to wax the floors. I chose to move all my stuff out into the hallway so it would be done faster and then moved my stuff back inside my room when they were done. I never have to give my keys back; I keep them year round. Good luck on working in your room this summer. I would love to see pictures.


Steph said...

Hi there! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award :) Feel free to stop by to pick it up!


The Quirky Apple

Katie said...

We have to strip our room down too! I hate it. This year i rebelled and left my bulletin boards up. I worked too hard on getting them where I wanted to have to take them down only to put them back up again. :) Can't wait to see pics of it all decorated. :)