Monday, November 28, 2011

The Plague

I am sitting here grading our ELA practice tests and it never ceases to amaze me how my students resist writing like it's the Bubonic plague.  I remember in school I always wanted to fill the entire page...every.  single.  solitary.  line.  Actually, come to thing of it, I did the same thing on my teaching exams...old habits die hard I suppose.

But where did I learn this?  It's probably inherent (says the girl who blogs for fun).  But anyway, it's going to be my job to somehow change this for my little 22 kiddos.  It's only November (Okay...basically December).  I still have 7 months.  Time to get a move on.

Which made me think.  I started the year with a read aloud when the students returned from lunch.  It changed to Daily Oral Language practice.  Now, I want to change it again.  What about a 5 minute free-write (where we have to restate the question)?

The wheels are turning...

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