Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 5: Sequence, Inference, and more writing...

So I'm on my way out and don't have a bunch of time but I wanted to update this week's centers to stay ahead, instead of behind, on blogging.  (See? I am trying to be better!!)

Anyway, here are the centers for this week:

Read to Someone:  Chart their WPM rate on their graphs, use a stopwatch to time each other.  Use their book club books for the text.

Read to Self: Read their book club books (Comic sequence project due the following week so they must read, Read, READ!)

Listening:  Listen to the story and then close the book, shut off the tape, and write down everything they can remember, in sequence.  I need to work on new ideas for this center.  More to come in the next few weeks!

Writing:  Work on their explanatory/How-To writing.  They selected what they were an expert on, and have been writing on that.  We are on the typing/publishing stage---wah-hoo!

Word Work: Soooo we had an awesome "party" on Halloween....a Word Party!  Students picked awesome, long, and new words and had to dress up like their word.  (see post on www.myclassyroom/  Anyway, to expand even more (and so that I can see each student really "knows" their word), I added this as a center.  The kids LOVED them.  I wish I could post all 22.  What was even better was listening to them discuss and justify their selections.  I was so proud! :)

Love it.

On to the last center...

Group:  This was my last week with the materials borrowed from the library at college so I used the social inference cards.  It was a good way to assess how much they knew about inference.  It seems as though they have a grasp on social inferences, so the key will figuring out how to tie that in to literature.

I like these kits.  Mostly the secret decoder :)

Happy Saturday---I'm off!

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