Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Linky!

Over at Secondary Solutions, Kristen invited me to her Linky Party!  I can genuinely say that I was so excited when I got the email (much like how our students are excited to be invited to that "cool" party).  I am relatively new to blogging--I started just this past school year--so it was all pretty exciting.  Anyway, all you middle level teachers should link up here at Secondary Solutions Linky!

Also, I was happy to see that some of my favorite blogs to read like Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher have already joined in the fun.  I would recommend one of my other favorites, Finding JOY in 6th.  Both blogs are AWESOME as we tackle 6th grade ELA!

One blog that I just found through this Linky is Miss Orman's Class.  She teaches HS but I LOVE her TpT store FREE resources for the new year.  Modified for my little monsters, they will be perfect for this week, as I am sure I will spend a good chunk of it teaching, and reteaching, how to conduct ourselves in ELA after this LONG (but much needed) break!!!


Kristen Bowers said...

Thank you so much for joining our party! We are so happy to have's to an amazing 2012!

Secondary Solutions

Kim said...

Hey Ms. D!

Thanks for the shout-out... it surprised me to see my name as I was reading your post! That REALLY made my day and I appreciate the connection to another blogger who "gets it."

Thanks... and Happy New Year!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade