Monday, January 2, 2012

Full Fledged Panic Mode

Am I the only one in full fledged panic mode?  Based on a Facebook status I posted at 3:30 that read:

"I am now opening the bag full of things I wanted to get done over the long break. I see my kiddos again in T minus 16.5 hours. Something went wrong. This can't be good."

which was quickly "liked" by my college teaching professor and a "same here!" comment by my friend Chris who teaches in NYC, I am guessing no.

I cannot believe what I didn't do over break!!!  Well sure, I did things...which included my ultimate favorites such as this little "Top 10" I will whip up:

10.) Not having to wake up by 5:45am
9.) Wearing pajamas, lounge pants, sweatshirts, my BearPaw boots and...SNEAKERS!
8.) My new iPhone
7.) Spending time with my boyfriend where we are not simply coexisting, working on individual projects for college, classrooms, the apartment...
6.) Pizza balls.  I made them for NYE and they were delicious.  Also, chocolate covered pretzels.
5.) Forgetting about schoolwork except for splurging on some holiday sale items for my kiddos and the classroom.  Pictures to follow!!
4.) My pet fish.  They had babies awhile back and now they are getting so big.  It's adorable, quite frankly.
3.) The Hunger Games series.  I'm on book 3 and totally hooked!
2.) New Year's Eve, dinner dates, coffee catch ups, all with close friends that I never get to see!
1.)Seeing my grandparents twice, my cousin from Virginia, relatives from New Jersey, my own parents and brother and the family of my boyfriend.  It was glorious!

Soooo all in all it was great.  The real issue is #5.  I did such a good job forgetting that I completely did not remember that I had vocabulary stories to grade.  Or well, say, this week to plan!!!  I can't believe it, I feel so flaky.

Then, it hits me.   I deserve a break, too.  I need a break sometimes.  It's okay.  I will figure something out.  It will work out as it always does.  There is always tomorrow.

I'm off to dinner at my parents and picking up a table from our basement which I will use in my newly designed nook.  *Reminder to also post on that!

Cheers to 2012, everyone!


A Teacher's Treasure said...

haha! exactly how I felt yesterday!!!! My hubby saw the panic in my eyes forced me to lie in bed with a book, telling me if it didn't get done by now it won't get done by tomorrow.
I'll just work in it all during my planning this week :)

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Kim said...

Hi Ms D.:
I was just staring at boxes of stuff all mixed together (I hate coming back to a "messy" classroom, so I dumped it all in boxes and brought it home.. BIG mistake!).

I know I can't get everything done, so... I'm reading blogs, drinking coffee, and deciding what I CAN do. It won't be perfect, but I have made a list of Must Do's, and then crossed off a few that I can survive without. There are only four days this week, so maybe I can catch up on the weekend?

It is oddly comforting to know that there might be at least one person who will not walk into the classroom ready to go, with everything perfectly in place, all papers graded, all materials organized, and all lessons planned until February. I just want to make it until the end of the day! I can be that person for you!

Sorry for the rant. And thanks for commiserating!

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