Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newest Addition to Writer's Workshop

Soooo I have been working on writing with my kiddos all year.  It has become however, a terrible nightmare to keep all of their writing organized. ie: who is behind, who is ahead, who do I need to conference with, who is ready for a peer editing conference?

Yes.  Victory.  This sweet little sorter made entirely from recycled boxes, leftover contact paper and printout labels I made on the computer.  It's lovely.  Students leave their writing folders in whichever step of the writing process they are in.  Finished work goes into the last box so I can grade it and then conference with students as time allows.  It is wonderful.  I would highly recommend any teacher take the time to make one, use purchased magazine holders, or come up with a similar system.  Life has gotten 10 times easier since this.  Before, I had a stack of folders in a bin which was a total pain!  This makes it easy to find and see. Plus, now that it's November, I remember which folder belongs to which student so I can easily say "I need _________ to work on _________!"

Yayyy organization


Debbye said...

Excellent idea!!!! (Cheers!!!!)

Blair said...

Love this idea! Definitely stealing it! :)


Vicki Gallivan said...

Good for those kids who have 'What do I do now syndrome'

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Please could you write what each holder says? It's not quite clear on the photo. Thanks.