Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Invest in Ribbon

Over holiday break it is an unfair statement to say that I didn't do any work.  I scoured the clearance racks at WalMart and Target.  While I didn't find too much, I found the super sweet green metallic bucket I posted about yesterday.  I also bought these.  Don't ask me why they were in the holiday clearance since they are from Halloween:
These spools of ribbon were only 20 cents each!    After my discounted cookie posting here you would think I should run a sale-blog. But hey, that's what we teachers are---thrifty and creative!  Anyway, I bought 6 spools for a total of $1.20.  I cut each spool into 4 sections of 12" each.  (I bought two orange spools and one of each other one).  Anyway, I thought they were so cute.  So, then today I borrowed my mom's hot glue gun (thanks, Mommy!) and we did this during our Quick Write journal time:

So I called kids up two at a time and they picked a ribbon and glued it "backwards" side up in the back of the journal so when they flip it forward it's an adorable little bookmark to hold their page.  I admit, the purpose is more that just cosmetic.  The kids are always shuffling when they come back from lunch through their notebook for a fresh page and end up skipping pages all over (tree-hugger that I am this drives me CRAZY!) So here we are---problem solved!! :)  I also admit that I have seen this idea somewhere, but when I looked it up on Pinterest, it just said it was from pinmarket and nothing else :-(  It is awesome though!

Disclaimer: my student's journal I snapped a picture of is not some crazed weapon fanatic.  Students, as a group, were making a prioritized list for items they would want to have with them if they were stranded like in The Cay.  :-)


A Teacher's Treasure said...

I used ribbons as bookmarks in our reader's journals the first week of school!!! It's such a fun idea :)

You are one bargin shopper! I'm jealous!!!! I never find the sales :(

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Katie said...

I have something similar pinned on Pinterest and I need to just do it! My kids are always skipping pages in their journals and it drives me crazy!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Elijah Lee said...

I love the ribbon idea! Can't wait to do it!

Kris Ham said...

Where did you get the editing wheels