Monday, January 30, 2012

Tag! You're It!

Hello All!
    So Kim over at Finding Joy in 6th is so sweet!  First of all, she always responds and comments on my posts, which is so exciting since it's nice to know I'm not just rambling to myself (although that is also therapeutic).  I also wish I could meet everyone in real life from BloggyLand.   More importantly, I'd love to be in the states you live in...California...Texas....(sigh).  Have any of you been to New York?  Odd question. 
   Anyway, here are the rules for this Tag/Linky/whatever-you-call-it.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

    Alrighty, so on to #2:
1- I love love love PIZZA.  I can just eat and eat and eat it all up!  All day!  All meals!  It is just THAT delicious.
2- I found out this summer that I am totally lactose-intolerant.  Which can cause trouble with #1
3- I only watch TV for the few series I am hooked on.  These include New Girl, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, Once Upon A Time, and Modern Family.  Other than these times/recorded playbacks during the week I don't turn on the TV.  Seriously.
4- The Super Bowl is Sunday and being a proud New Yorker I should be thrilled that it's a big face-off here in the Northeast.  But I love the Detroit Lions!!!
5- My celebrity crush is Tim Tebow. (Me and everyone else in America, right?)  His generous, book-minded intentions (here) only makes me adore him more.
6- My favorite grown up books are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and To Kill a Mockingbird
7- My favorite children's books are The Hundred Dresses, Goodnight Moon and Stone Fox.
8- I hate having water in my face.
9- My hair is super curly!
10- I dream of having a Wheaten Terrier and a Schnnoodle as pets!
11- I'm not married yet...but soon to be engaged!
12- My heritage is Italian and German!

Now, on to Kim's 12 Questions
1.  What is your favorite Starbucks beverage (in case I'm in your neighborhood and I'm bringing you a treat!)?
If you ever are in New York I'd love to meet you! :)  In case you are, you can bring me a Salted Caramel beverage, okay? :)

2.  Book, Nook, Kindle, iPad, book on CD, other?  What is your favorite way to enjoy a new book?
I will always love the physical book.  I have too many so although I should make the switch to a digital copy I just can't!  I love to wear comfy clothes and curl up in the quiet.
3.  If you weren't a teacher, what career would be your second choice?
I would be a pastry chef!  I love to bake!
4.  What is the first subject you plan for when you start your lesson plans for the upcoming day?
I start with Science.  It's easier since it's more conceptual than ELA and I always have so many "leftovers" to wrap up in it's 90 minutes so I have to think of so many more little activities!
5.  If you have traveled, what is your favorite country to visit?  If you haven't had the opportunity (or if you have!) what country would you most like to visit?
I would most like to visit...hmm...this is tough!  Probably anywhere in Europe!
6.  Have you been a principal?  Would you ever want to be?
I've never been a principal and have debated the fact.   I would more or less want to run a school the way that I see fit, but I can't imagine all of the headaches of being an administrator!
7.  What dessert would you choose in a fancy restaurant?
Cheesecake.  Always.  Even though I am lactose-intolerant, I deal. :)  Sometimes, if they have it, I go with creme brule!
8.  What's the most adventurous/daring/exciting thing you have ever done (that you can blog about!)?
Hmmmm.  I ran a 5k...twice.  That was exciting (to finish!). I also gave a speech at Convocation when I graduated from Undergrad.
9.  If you slept in "late" one morning, what time would it be?
When I sleep "late" on Saturdays it consists of me waking up at 7 and then trying to snooze back until around 9 or 10 when I finally just get up!
10.  Do you still read magazines?  What's your favorite?
I have a subscription to Newsweek.
11.  Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
Also a toughie!  I like both equally I think!
12.  What brings you JOY?
My family & friends.  Seeing my students learn something new and be energized in class.  Babies.  Pizza and delicious desserts.  Sweatpants.  Crafty projects.  Being productive.  A favorite outfit.  Thermal shirts.  Board games.  School supply stores in August.  My life right now!!

Alright, now I need to TAG! some people, and I will try to select ones that have not yet been tagged!

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Your 12 Questions in "Favorite..." format:
1.) Place to be?
2.) Memory teaching?
3.) Animal?
4.)Time of the school day?
5.) Breakfast food?
6.) Way to de-stress?
7.) Place to Blog?
8.) State?
9.) School supply?
10.) Dessert?
11.) Color?
12.) Item in your home?



Kim said...

Hooray for you!
Gold star for doing your homework so quickly!
I'm with you on cheesecake. MMMmmmmmmmmmm.

Happy day!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Anonymous said...

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